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-Booker Corrigan, CSE

The 2019 MIAA-A Conference is sure to be drama filled and full of some surprises. For my money, the surprises will be more in the form of players who grab our attention, and teams in the middle 4–6 area that shuffle around the playoff seedings.

Calvert Hall is the lead dog and McDonogh version 2019 is impressive. There will then be a gaggle of teams playing their hearts out for the remaining four playoff spots.

“Don’t sleep on the Crusaders” is a line I was told by a local MIAA soothsayer in the month of December, and St Paul’s is very good.

Boys’ Latin will always be a tough out, although the injury bug seems to have “reared its ugly head” early on Lake Ave.

Gilman is fighting the good fight already, in honor of coach Matthews final season at the helm, and they have talent all over the field.

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Severn is a squad that will shock the unprepared, having watched this 2019 class of Little Admirals since they were in 7th grade; it was always in the back of my mind that Severn could shake some branches this year.

St. Mary’s is a team that got some playoff experience last year and might have a big enough chip on their should to run the clock back to 2015.

Loyola Blakefield is a tough athletic team with new head coach Gene Ubriaco at the helm, can they party like it’s 2013 is the question.

To all the teams, play with respect for your team, your school, your families, your league, and the sport. Prove me right or prove me wrong — Lordy knows I’ve been proven wrong in the past.

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