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Corrigan Sports Announces 2020 College Coaches Recruiting Strategy

CSE announces strategic alignments for the All-America Underclass event

Corrigan Sports Enterprises, in conjunction with First Scout Productions and Be The Beast, have crafted two digital recruiting avenues for the year of 2020.

CSE hopes to provide college coaches of all levels the opportunity to find their next stars in the most efficient way possible despite the wildly challenging landscape provided by the Coronavirus Pandemic.


  • CSE and First Scout Productions will be providing EVERY college coach in the country free game film from every tryout in 2020 (includes Boys/Girls and Command/Highlight)
  • This game film will be available to coaches two weeks from each tryout date
  • TRYOUTS 100% WILL BE HAPPENING. Dates, locations, and times are still being determined as all regions in the United States are operating on different timelines different timelines

OPTION A: “The Classic Recruiter”

If you’re a pen and paper kind of guy/gal this is your route — College coach will create a username and a password on First Scout’s website. Upon the creation of this account, an email will be sent to First Scout regarding your request for film. An email will be sent back to you with a unique access code. From there, you’ll be able to access all game film from each tryout.

Corrigan Sports will also be providing you the typical PDF document that includes every participants information. This way, you can watch the games and take notes on your printed out PDF document! This document includes the roster/schedule you would typically receive at the tryout as well as the full downloadable book that’s distributed through the bitly link.

P.S — Connect to your computer/tablet/phone/projector using an HDMI cable to a TV and watch the games on the big screen!

OPTION B: “The Digital Age”

Be The Beast is a great partner of the All-America event. All players will need to fill out a player bio for the tryout, same process essentially as the PDF document. You as a college coach have ALL of this information at your fingertips by downloading the Be The Beast App in the Apple Store. Just as the game film will be accessible through logging in to First Scout (two weeks from the tryout date) you’ll also be able to access that film in the Be The Beast App.

P.S — Be The Beast is huge in basketball. Talk to your hoops coach colleagues they may have some shortcuts for you.

CSE is committed to making the All-America event the elite recruiting tournament of the year! We’re confident these options will be extremely effective for you all to find your future stars.

We know that all of you are very interested in recruiting the class of 2022 — therefore, we’re making the 2019 Underclass Tournament Command Division games accessible for you. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

We look forward to helping you navigate this year’s recruiting obstacles!

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Leader in sports marketing and event management. Owner/operator of the Under Armour All America Lacrosse Classic, CSE Womens Lacrosse and more

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